What to expect at your first session?

During an Anchor Fitness group training session, our certified training staff leads clients though workouts utilizing HIIT [high intensity interval training], MRT [metabolic resistance training], and functional strength training. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, you will be challenged a motivated to push a little harder than the day before. Modifications are easily incorporated for athletes looking for more of a challenge, beginners just starting and those working through an injury. We can confidently say that Anchor sessions provide optimal training for a complete, targeted workout.

Are there classes or workouts for beginners?

The feedback we most often hear from new clients is they enjoy starting during a regular session. The trainer lead instructional preview and support of the Anchor community helps their first session feel informed and motivated! If intimidation is what is keeping you from beginning or if you are a member looking for more instruction, the first Friday of every month, we have a specialty session called “Intro to Anchor: Back to Basics”. Sessions will be limited to 10 clients; pre-registration is required.  Sign up now!

Do I have to sign up for sessions? If yes, how??

t is very important that you sign up for the sessions; you can download the MINDBODY app or you can register online by clicking the link below:


and selecting the sessions you will attend.

One Session (group training or B+B): $12 plus tax

Basic Membership (includes group training sessions and B+B sessions): $85 plus tax
Basic Family Membership (this is for two, same household, family members):$150 plus tax

Premium Membership (Now introducing the Anchor all inclusive: this membership includes unlimited group training sessions, unlimited B+B sessions, and all open gym sessions.
Premium Single: $120 plus tax
Premium Family Membership (this is for two, same household, family members): $200

Are the workouts difficult?

They are designed in a way to challenge you. These sessions are formatted around strength building and cardio-vascular endurance. It's as difficult as you want it to be; you control the intensity of your workouts.

Do you have showers?

We do not have shower facilities. There are bathrooms onsite for changing/ freshing up post sessions.

What other amenities do you offer?

We offer towels and purified drinking water free of charge.  Body fat testing and analysis is also readily available prior to sessions.

I am pregnant, or I just had a baby, are Anchor sessions okay for me?

Before beginning any new fitness regime, consult your doctor. We have plenty of members who have safely worked out throughout their pregnancies up until delivery. Once cleared by you OBGYN, new mamas are safe to begin workouts and our certified staff members can give modifications as needed. You know your body best!

Will I feel left out as a first timer?

NO WAY! You will find Anchor Fitness to be a supportive community that welcomes new members with open arms.